Irrigation & Solar


Powertech EM offers a complete and robust range of pre-assembled irrigation and solar pump panel systems that provide a solution for a wide variety of pumping applications.

Our panel systems are enclosed in weather-tight protection units which are available in several size and panel variations depending on the control and the environment of the installation.

The uncluttered panel layout also allows for reasonable working space which can significantly simplify installation, commissioning and servicing. Our preconfigured VSD's (variable speed drives) reduces the amount of energy drawn by the pump motor by controlling the speed while keeping a constant pressure in the line. Even a small reduction in speed can give significant savings.

Benefits of using our pump panels

Electricity and water savings
Automatic sleep and wake functions
Enhanced motor and pump protection features
Class II surge protection
Lower mechanical wear and tear
Prevents pipe bursts by controlling the maximum output pressure
Eliminates the need for control valves
Controls pump to deliver accurate flows or constant pressures

“Our pump panel systems not only reduces energy costs. They also safeguards our water resources and keeps productivity at an optimal level. "

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