Monitoring & Control

Monitoring and energy savings

In the manufacturing and service industries, Energy Management is an issue of strategic importance.

For a modern company, managing energy resources intelligently yields major competitive advantages, thanks to reduced running costs, in addition to its environmental and social benefits.

Effective energy management is based on thorough analysis of consumption to define measures and investments capable of significantly reducing costs.

For efficient management of energy consumption

In a global scenario in which energy must be monitored and managed efficiently, LOVATO Electric presents its updated series of energy meters for single and three-phase systems. Compatibility with the EXM... type expansion modules and the availability of a data concentrator allow LOVATO Electric energy meters to connect with the most common communication systems (USB, RS232, RS485, M-BUS and Ethernet).


Synergy is a web-based energy monitoring software for supervising and controlling systems from any computer or mobile device using the most common web browsers.

It is a valid support for the activities envisaged in UNI CEI EN ISO 50001: 2018 “Energy management systems – Requisites and guidelines for use” and the energy monitoring activities demanded of energy audits.

In addition to electrical parameters, it allows to check all environmental and process information (operating status, alarms, etc.), acquired from LOVATO Electric devices equipped with communications ports, as well as from compatible third party equipment.

Maximum availability

Synergy can integrate measurements provided by third party equipment, thanks to its Modbus driver creation tool.

Synergy makes the data collected in its MS SQL available to third party software via a WEB API (rest mode).


Programming Synergy is guided and user-friendly, and the system is largely self-configuring.

Networks of devices, graphic pages, historic databases, graphs and reports can always be customized by the user without special IT skills.


Synergy is available in a variety of languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish and Russian. Other languages can be added to meet special needs. Each user can be assigned his preferred language.
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