Our aim is to assess the customer`s monthly electrical bill and aid on how to lower the cost. Depending on tariff contract, the following savings can be expected:

  • Reduction in maximum demand (KVA) = Rand per KVA saving
  • Reduction in network access demand (NMD) = Rand per KVA saving
  • Reduction in reactive energy (KVAr) = Cents per KVArh (Saving refer to Megaflex / Ruraflex Tariff)

Whilst the customer saves money; our product also improves plant efficiency.

  • Additional loads can be added to the system, as well as reduced overloading of cables, transformers, switchgear, etc.
  • Improved network voltage
  • Improved starting torque of motors and reduced fuel requirements to generate power due to lower losses.

Our new power factor controller suits LV-MV systems and feature the following display page:

V (L-N, L-L); A; KW; KVAr; KWh; KVAh; Temperature and Fan status.

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