Watch Dog


Keeping in mind, after spending money on an investment, it is essential to look after those assets at all time and especially when power surges, over & under voltage, single phasing, unbalance, etc., are so often in the order of the day and causing unwanted breakdowns or delays.

Prevention is better than cure, and our “watchdog” as we call it, will look after valuable assets 24/7

By implementing a monitor that can capture and store all relevant data for later analysis, can save money on assets, provide critical information about an electrical distribution network such as: voltage, current, neutral current, apparent power, active power, power factor, cos phi, frequency, voltage & current asymmetry, total harmonic distortion (THD) of voltage & current, harmonic analysis of voltage & current up to 63⁰ order, high-low-average value functions for all measurements, maximum demand of power and current values, energy meters with programmable tariff functions, hour counter for programmable total and partial hours, pulse counter for consumption of water, gas, etc., temperature, energy quality analysis.

Other expansion modules to add on include inputs and outputs, communication ports, software and accessories.

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